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Walter: Virtual Control Panel

Just a quick update on what I've been working on. I am building a virtual control panel with Processing and the controlP5 libraries. The video is pretty self-explainatory, and understand what you are seeing is a work in progress as is the code attached. If you go through the code, you will quickly see a lot of stand-in values and lables that still need to be gone through, but never the less, the "system" is rock-solid. I think that's it...

Word to ya motha'

By the way, to actually run the program attached, you will need to stick the jpg picture in the data file as well as pick yourself a font to stick into the code. Oh yeah, you need to have downloaded the controlP5 stuff too... Really, I can't see anyone go through all that trouble just to see a unfinished control panel so simply...

Hey Voodoo, do you like the control panel? (No one else actually ran the code)

Contol_Panel_11_Adding_Atuo_controls.pde8.52 KB
86862.JPG1.7 KB

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Is the emergency relay "latched"? In other words: does it need power to stay open? Or just one pulse and it will never close again?

I don't know how "emergency" I want to make it... If it is a true kill switch, the relay would run back to itself for "hard-latch". However, I would have to wire in a N.C. pushbutton to break the click after it is used (plus a reset of micro controllers). A "lighter" version would be to have the 14m chip accept 2 commands --click it and unclick it. --I'll probably go this route so I don't have to get out of my chair everytime I accidentally hit the "big button".

Pure awesomeness Chris!!! You really got that control panel built up and working pretty good!  :)