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Serial communication gives weird readings

Hey guys,

With the recent discussions in the shout box, i was inspired to play around with sending "orders" to my picaxe with the serial connection.

No problems with it, it is all just simple RS232, BUT something seems to be up.

Every now and then, my picaxe will claim it has received something different than what i sent. Mostly it interperts it correctly, but sometimes it doesn't.

So if i send an 'r' it might read it as a 'q' then as a '?' and then, the third time, as an 'r'.

Is this some common error due to something i have done wrong?

I'll be happy to post code, if necessary, but it doesn't appear as a code bug.

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You're the man Chris. It seems like that fixed it.

try sending one byte at a time with a pause in between.

The connection is the picaxe programming cable. I am using serrxd to recieve, as the manual said it should be used instead of serin, when using the programming cable.

I'm sending the data through a program i built myself. It really just sends a string through the com port (RS232).


Regarding the baudrate, the manual says it is 4800 on the programming port, so that's what i've set my program to send in. There's no breadboards involved, it is all on the picaxe dev board from the start-here kit.

What are you using for the conection? What is sending the data and what command on the picaxe are you using to receive the data?

if you're using a high baud rate and your circuit is on a breadboard, it might be missing some information.