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Ethernet Module for Propeller

Vendor's Description: 

Add the Internet to your project with the E-Net Module! Make an embedded webserver, serve large files off an SD card, poll a remote server, whatever you can think of!

* Uses the ENC28J60, a popular 10BASE-T Ethernet controller that works at 3.3v and 5v logic levels.
* SPI interface uses just 4 pins on your microcontroller. Usage instructions & example code for the Propeller are below.
* Pin connections are broken out, so you can plug an ethernet cable in, or connect directly to the wires
* Connects to P4..P7 so you can access SD cards connected to P0..P3. Add 1 jumper to connect the ENC28J60's interrupt pin to P8.
* Includes LEDs connected to P9 & P10 for additional feedback
* Advanced users can cut the traces at P4..P7 & connect the top jumpers to use the ENC28J60 on P16..P19.
* Includes 25Mhz crystal so no external clock source is needed.
* Full Board (3.8"x2.5") so you can stack modules like the ProtoPlus or El Jugador on top of the E-Net Module.

Using It With A Propeller
Using the E-Net Module with the Prop is straightforward. Harrison Pham's PropTCP is an MIT licensed object for using the ENC28J60. Just grab this sample code to see how a webserver is created. By default, the ENC28J60 is connected to P4..P7. You'll start the object with:
sock.start(7, 6, 5, 4, -1, -1, @mac_addr, @ip_addr)

Advanced users can can flip over the board and cut the traces connecting P4..P7. By bridging the jumpers on top of the board, you'll connect the ENC28J60 to P16..P19:
sock.start(19, 18, 17, 16, -1, -1, @mac_addr, @ip_addr)

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