Let's Make Robots!

Chris Begs for Parts and Money

Yup, a shameless plug for the fact that I need parts and have no money... By the way, I also need a wireless USB webcam (any quality, any size) so if you got one of those gathering dust.

Much love to all who have already donated money, parts, time, assistance and good thoughts which have made Walter what he is today. Remember, together we can make him better!

Much thanks, Chris.

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Lol, begs.

You should ask for a trade.

Actually, this is a damn good idea! I'm up for a trade, what do you need?

Sorry Chris, I don't think I could help you with what you need. I'm also keeping ends meet with a student income and robots. I could only cheer you or suggest things.

I've seen some security cameras on Dealextreme.com and why not use accelerometers. I think you got a better chance of someone donating a wii remote than compass.

People! Anyone can donate parts to Chris? WWWD (What would Walter do?)

You know, you throw your heart out there, humbly ask for a little help for a worth cause and... Crickets (and laughter).

I dunno, all I can really say is that you either have a bunch of work, money and no time for robots --or-- no job, plenty of time for robots and no extra money for parts. Such is life.

--I should add that I just realized that the compass I need would also solve almost all of my triangulation/beacon/ docking problems as well as my mapping issues. I might just have to keep pestering the wife and simply find some budget dough. --It sorta sucks, it is really just about 40 bucks we're talking about, but still it must stay in the "do we really need it" catagory. Damn.

You could try trading her with something she could not resist. Like one month of laundry, dishes and house cleaning. Just don't turn back if you decide to trade. That would mean she is right and future fund requests will result in an Inquiry.lol...

This is great - it's pressure to think out side the box man..
OddBot uses sunscreen for thermal paste..  
I use fender washers for heat sinks
Rik uses pizza boxes for structural support
Fritsl uses hot glue for practically everything

I've been gone a while, but WTF do you need a compas to determine walter's heading?  There are more accurate relative positioning techniques..


I'm not sending you money, but it was an interesting social experiment  ... and I do love you :)

Oh yeah! I knew I remember searching compass before and found cheaper prices than $40. Check this parts out. I have no idea how to interface this to Picaxe. I can't even connect my sonar correctly.

Try this part from parallax which is $10 cheaper. Oh I almost forgot about the $8 shipping.

There are a few more in digikey from manufactured by honeywell which are cheaper than $40. Just search compass and there are a lot from honeywell.

Good luck!!

Chris, I'm ordering two of the Compasses from Parallax and will be sending one to you.  I believe I have your address from before, unless you have moved since then.  It may be easier if you email it to me again.

You are the man! Good to see you are still on here btw, haven't seen ya in a while! Us pastafarians gotta stick together ya know!!


Now back to CTC's regularly scheduled programming....