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Chris Begs for Parts and Money

Yup, a shameless plug for the fact that I need parts and have no money... By the way, I also need a wireless USB webcam (any quality, any size) so if you got one of those gathering dust.

Much love to all who have already donated money, parts, time, assistance and good thoughts which have made Walter what he is today. Remember, together we can make him better!

Much thanks, Chris.

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Still around, work been keeping me busy for a while.  My project list is overflowing.  Heck, if I can't get some time to get my projects done I might as well spread a little love so that Chris can get his done.

Chris, I want to see you succeed so I will see what my funds are and try to donate. One thing, that thermopyle that you are looking at, I'm assuming's the tpa-81 sensor...or something close it's a bit expensive and you might actualy be able to do the same or similar for cheaper. Have you looked at using a hacked wii conroller(wiimote??)? I think someone here did it and it worked fairly well for object watching. Also, since you mentioned a web cam, have you also looked at processings Blob  detection libs? they can sense movement and other things and do it pretty well from what I saw. Jmryon and BlobDetection are two that are in the libraries section of the processing site. I've seen what it can do and will look at it later on down the road for my own applications..


Mr. Brooksware, I shot you an email, thanks. --A couple other members have kicked in a little as well and it is greatly appreciated.

I gotta tell you folks, there was a little pause in my robot work for a while where I spent a lot of time on the beach flying RC planes. But in the last couple months something just clicked. Processing just all of a sudden made total sense to me and from there, I have been putting probably 40 hours a week into coding now. It just seems that all these sub-systems I have been working on for the last 2 years are now ready to be put together. These few parts could not be more important as each one not only adds another function to Walter but also allows me to proceed to other steps. I.e. this compass thing --this one part, gets my docking done, gets my mapping accurate etc. Just these two routines open up the next step of "now follow your own map back to where you started" and the option of leaving Walter on all day as a pet --knowing that he can charge himself any time he needs. --One small part leads to huge next steps.

And I should mention (and keep this on the down-low --I don't want to over promise and under deliver but...) I have been working for a while now on Walter's "Big-Ass PDF". I have been documenting every part on walter one-by-one. I will finish with an enormus PDF showing each sub system by itself --Wanna know how the sonar works? --Sonar: Link to buy it, stand-alone sample code, link to find the sonar code in walter's main code, mp3 file of an audio walk-through about the code, LMR link etc. Next part, the bluesmirf: link to buy it, processing code, picaxe code, etc. etc. Every single part and code will be shown and explained. I think walter has an example of everything a picaxe chip can do on him --Should be a super handy reference for a lot of folks.

Thanks again, guys

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