Let's Make Robots!

Chris Begs for Parts and Money

Yup, a shameless plug for the fact that I need parts and have no money... By the way, I also need a wireless USB webcam (any quality, any size) so if you got one of those gathering dust.

Much love to all who have already donated money, parts, time, assistance and good thoughts which have made Walter what he is today. Remember, together we can make him better!

Much thanks, Chris.

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So have you received anything other than laughter for your lack of shame?

Actually, this is a damn good idea! I'm up for a trade, what do you need?

Sorry Chris, I don't think I could help you with what you need. I'm also keeping ends meet with a student income and robots. I could only cheer you or suggest things.

I've seen some security cameras on Dealextreme.com and why not use accelerometers. I think you got a better chance of someone donating a wii remote than compass.

People! Anyone can donate parts to Chris? WWWD (What would Walter do?)

You should ask for a trade.

Lol, begs.