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The Headhunter

Studies in alternative ways of moving - offering more creativity, unseen posebilities and new challenges


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UPDATE: Next step here

UPDATE: New video, some studies :)


Quote from the shoutbox:

Addy:No offence, but that headhunter seems a bit idiotic to me. It's not even a robot, it has no logic at all, it's just a couple of arms stuck on motors to flop it forward.

************* (and lots like it) *************

Ahahahaaa.. this is / was a laugh to me :D Some finding this the most idiotic thing, insulting almost, and some rating it 5 stars :D

So, I thought I'd put some more words on it:

  • Yes, for crying out loud, it is only a stick with some motors and curly arms and a balancing thing at the back :D
  • Is it "a robot" - well not really.. but then again, check what inspired it, links below for high resolution, and I have inserted one video here to the right for your convenience.

What happened was that I saw these videos, and I had some Polymorph. So far I have only dealt with "legs", treads/tracks & wheels, and I thought I'd just try something - without fear of being lame, just doing it. I put it together in the time it took the Polymorph to be moulded - the wires aren't even soldered, just twisted together..

The "tale" came in as second part, I could see that the thing needed it, and with the polymorph it was just a matter of slinging some stuff around it, cool down, done :)

At first I myself thought it was a bit funny and nothing more. Then I was amazed to find that:

  • It can move very well in the most bumpy conditions; it lifts itself over stuff, marbles, dunes, grass, chunks of wood. Better than any robot I have ever made in that size.
  • It cannot be turned upside down; When it falls, it just flips over, and starts to move.
  • It can be steered; If left "arm" is a bit ahead of right "arm", it turns to the right, and vice versa. When they are in sync it moves ahead, and when they are completely opposite of each other it is also moving ahead, but very slow.

Since all this inspired me, I thought I'd just share it with you, perhaps it would also inspire you.

That is all there is to it; it is fun and inspiring to me - idiotic or not, a robot or not.

As a "bonus" I realized that when an object (like the "head's" neck) is in front of it, it tends to guide the object by "dribbling" it ahead of it. It looked really strange, so I thought I'd share it :)

I may make videos showing the more strange motions and unique capabilities, I may melt it and make something new.. But I will share it when I think it is fun & inspiring, and I hope that you will do the same with your work and discoveries.. without fear.

It's just a laugh :)

Original post:

This may possibly be the strangest "robot-video" on LMR. Not much else to say..Let me know how this makes you feel. Chris the carpenter said "I want those 2 minutes of my life back". I imagine a world where there is lots of head-shaped styrofoam, and then I strive to make a creature that works well in that environment. Why can he not understand that?

- oh yes, it is basic research-kinda work inspired by this, and this, and the fact that Ant has send me one Kilo of Polymorph :D


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Why do I think this should be part of a weird music video?
Because I have that arty touch, perhaps?

Nice pickup on Full's suggestions! Glad to see that such a simple design can be so effective. Even if the design was without goal 8-)


I was honestly expecting it to leap up onto that head like a robot headcrab. Then I watched the video. It's still pretty cool, though.

Interesting Frits,

Are you going to attempt to "Tune" the legs - they seemed to stress that in the TED video, which was interesting too.  I like simple design of RHex.. there was another one of it swimming (very impressive)...

You should get bigger motors & more RPM, that should scare the bejeezus out of your neighbors...

BTW - why do you have heads in your workshop?

Eventually I will get to the tuning of ..I call them "arms". However, for now, i just let them dangle, I make videos and watch, I learn from chaos ;)

Have made one with more muscle, but that really stinks because it has differntial drive on the arms - that "forces" them to be opposite what seams to work best.

Next one will have fixed arms, stay in sync. I gotta make it jump forward, bounce, boing boing :D

You know, from watching that first headhunter video, I realised that the PERFECT thing to happen here is that you just leave it running. It might have to run for several weeks, but I'd predict that what will happen is that the arms / legs / whatever will start to wear thin. This will make them "springy" which I think is what you wanted.

Isn't this the sort of evolution the prof was talking about?

This is so cool. I am a complete convert.

Coool! How did you make those wonderful legs out of polymorph? the look so perfect.

What a shame twss-week is over ;)

Anyway thanks :) I just rolled some sausages, and shaped them the way I thought they'd work, cut the ends off after cooling..


Awesome. I love that minimalistic aproach to solve problems. Just imagine the million lines of sourcecode that somebody has to write to barely imitate that behavior of your bot. Not to mention the sensors, procesor, etc... And, finally, a total failure in a cat litter, grass, dirt, etc.

 I challenge any "real robot" of any detractor to do the same.