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Polymorph Plastic ( a thermal plastic with low melting point),robot diy parts needed!

Dear friends,

 We want to sale at low price as $15/kg, exclusive delivery fee, and you don't need  to pay import tax.

We are selling PCL(polycaprolactone), polymorph plastic ( a thermal plastic with low melting point) materials, manufacture , base in China, Guangdong province, Shenzhen city.

It does not matter how much you want, 10kg, 50kg, 100kg, you paid, and we sell to you!



westyang168@hotmail.com, esun@esunchina.net

TEL:0086-755-26031976, FAX: 0086-755-26031982



This is not so much an instructable, but a guide on what you can do with this incredibly useful plastic for DIY projects.

The low working temperature of 60 degrees Celsius makes it as easy to work as Playdoh, when cooled to room temperature, it has similar properties as nylon, useful for tidy little bit of odd jobs you need for your projects (so long as it is not temperature sensitive). Not to mention this plastic is biodegradable!

Below are some of the ideas I had for using this plastic.

1) Rubberband Gun
2) Coat hook for the cube farm partitions
3) Single AAA battery holder
4) Some reusable chunks of polymorph plastic

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why do so many Chinese companies have this ridiculous habit of not listing prices?

I know prices can fluctuate so definite prices can sometimes be difficult to keep updated, but is it too much to ask for a guide price CIF ?

Thank you for your advise.

Our polymorph materials factory price is fix, not update too much often.

And the price is base on quantity, specially the delivery cost .

Our materials factory price $11.952—22.41 per kg, the delivery cost maybe $7.83—8.64 per kg.

More quantity ,more lower unit price.


Well I took 10KG and I got mine from Claudia because at least She has a face.

Question, does Polymorph biodegrade when it is sealed in a container?

If so can degradation be perevented or slowed in any way?

Polymorph is a kind of biodegrade materials, it should in some condition, water, oxygen,bateria, turn to water and CO2( the process is very long if not all condition  exist), but the materials will show tensile, stength, tear, adhesive, hardness, hot melt slow  ,etc, propeties reduce obviously.If such propeties are not important to you , you don't need to protect it specially. And if you want good durability, silicone is good choice than polymorph.

Welcome you contact me for buy some polymorph.


10, 50, 100kg? Anybody thinking full scale human being made out of polymorph?

with a few tonnes you could build a polymorph gundam!

hehehe, polymorph museum to substitute wax museums :D


It would be nice to have more info OP.


The T2bvBeXcdhZ0NXXXXX_74349336.jpg picture seems to have changed its file name !! 

I can tell you it was joint winner in a competition ..... on this very site... i believe........

However, the polymorph i used in this picture is not from your company...... (not to miss-lead others)

...  the Polymorph i use for my creations is supplied by Claudia one of our LMR members.

Sorry ,we are not like to miss lead watcher, we take these pictures from our one of customers, but we don't know the english name is someone in this website.Maybe claudia's company also is our customer.

We are glad you bought products from China.