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Rip DVD to mp4 --Suggestions?

Hey guys,

Just a simple question: Do any of you guys have a suggestion for a free chunk of software to rip a dvd to divx or mp4? Mp4 would be great! I just don't want to have to go through 1000 free downloads that just turn out to be spyware and adware. I am on a PC, by the way.  --Thanks for any suggestions.


--I should add that I need it to have an unlocker as well.

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I would suggest DVDDecrypter http://www.dvddecrypter.org.uk/ for your unlocking needs. If you were running a linux distrobution you could just install the DeCSS patch and then use handbrake.


Give handbreak a try, it encodes to h264, a video standard that is very popular now. Not too many people use divx anymore.


I just used it to recompress come of my camera footage from 1080p to SD. It's easy and works well.