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Windshield wiper motors, have you tried'em?

Have any of you experimented with windshield wiper motors? I know they've been used in budget robotwars fighters. I just need to get an idea what kind of strength they have (with the original gearbox).
Will it be able to pull 20 Kg vwith a 20 cm diameter wheel mounted directly to the output shaft? what abot 50 Kg? -or a 100?

I like the idea that they are cheaply available at scrapyards and I just like worm gears...

link to datasheet from one manufacturer.

Are there any known drawbacks with these motors? Any particular brand to avoid?


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They pull a LOT of amps, if you have decent batteries I'm sure they are worth it.

They do have tonnes of power.

aaaah. there it was. It was a BoA-bot. I've been looking at old CtC postings. Cause I remembered the size, and thought it had to be yan old version of Walter.