Let's Make Robots!

Which to pick?

So I am getting ready to order everything for my first robot of doom (or so I hope it to become), and have run into a small snag.  I was going to go with the general consensus of the Picaxe 28X board to start with, however getting the Programming Editor to run on my Mac's OS X looks like nothing short of painful hours of pain.  I have heard that the Arduino board's Porgramming Editor works on OS X (I am running Leapord) and was wondering if maybe this should be the way to go. 

Comments and thoughts as to how to overcome my dilemma would be awesome.

Either way, I hope to have a bot to share wih you all soon.

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I guess this is for Chainer.  (Of course, all other responses are welcome.)

Complete novice here.  I've been scanning these boards for a few days and decided it's time to pull the trigger and buy the gear I'll need to make my first bot.  Problem is, like you, I have a Mac running on OS X.  Also, I have NO experience whatsoever with c or c++, so PICAXE is my absolute #1 preference.  (Rather than Arduino, for instance.) 

 Just wondering how your project has been coming along...

 I've read some conflicting reports regarding the viability of this project on a MAC.

 Some say it's a huge pain in the junk (having to go through VMWARE, lots of crashes, difficulty uploading code, etc.).  Other's say it's more or less unfeasible, and still others say that it's doable.

 According to the PICAXE manual, something called AXEpad is supported by OS X, but the Programming Editor is not.

A few questions (possibly of the dumb variety):

1) What is AXEpad versus Programming Editor?

2) Will I be able to code a working robot using AXEpad? 

3) Does the code provided on this site translate to AXEpad?

 Thanks for your time.  And any other tips or advice you have regarding doing this project on a MAC would be awesome.



Again, ignore my ignorance, because I am retarded at times.  I did the research and figured it out on my own! Amazing!  Tomorrow I order my first set of stuff.
Scratch that previous comment from me... I am starting to lean the Arduino way, because of the native OS X Support (I can't find my old windows disk and refuse to pirate one).  Is the Diecimila comparable to the PICAXE 28X1 or should I be looking for a different Arduino board?  I am trying to get a board that will be relatively easy to learn, yet have quite a bit of functionality for more complex bots in the future.
Looks like I will be going the Bootcamp route with an old copy of windows, as I can't afford to shell out cash for a new program at the same time as ordering parts.

Link for my node and video about vmware.. 




I have recently bought a MacBook with Intel Duo Core and when looked for the Picaxe editor I had no success...

But there are cookies as you said BootCamp, VMWARE, PARALLELS Virtual PC environments.

Good thing about VMware or parallels is that it will allow your Mac run Windows XP simultaneously and you dont need to reboot your mac (bootcamp)...

Below is the link for video


very good video... 

I run vmware fusion(xppro sp3) on an MBP and can say it runs  great. I haven't tried doing the programming of a pic since I don't have a usb cable for it yet.

my programming is still done on an old dell with a serial port.... 

First, please understand that I am no geek... but... You really can't run the picaxe programmer on a mac. That is unless you have one of the fancy one's that can dual boot or in some way run windows. That being said, I would really recomend sticking with picaxe over anything else. Again, not a geek but I have seen many conversations involving code issues on pics, adurino and the like and what I see is the basic that picaxe uses is well, basic! It is simple, regular language and I picked it up very very quickly. On the other hand, the code that the "other guys" here use seems confusing and frightening to me - a lot of symbols and 1 and 0's.

 Again, I can't stress enough that I have no idea what I am talking about, I just know that I am using picaxe and love everything about it. 

BTW- We are a mixed family 2/3 mac 1/3 pc... And belive it or not, I edit our podcast on the PC!! I switched from Garage Band to Adobe Audition and never looked back!

Please note thet Picaxe editor now fully works with Mac.

A really nice editor it is, even! (small bugs still, but overall it's nicer than the PC version)

What kind of macs are you running? I have a brand spanking new Mac Mini with the Intel Chipset etc etc.  And I don't use Garageband either, I use Audacity, because I am le simpleton.   I do need to do more research into Bootcamp and dual booting and so on down the line.


Thanks again, and I am definitely leaning towards Picaxe for the ease of programming as I have absolutely no knowledge of any coding languages.