Let's Make Robots!

First robot kit as explained by Fritzl: all material like new for selling

I made the first robot project (see Start here section) myself with everything required (nothing missing, ALL is there exactly as Fritzl described), works very well. But no time to play with it anymore. Seriously, once done, used it about 20 minutes. So, all is like new. Cost me about $100 for the material. Ready to sell $50 + shipping. All is programmed and it is a ready-to-use robot, but if buyer prefers to build it himself, I can put parts separatly withouth any problem: it would become a buid-it-yourself easy project. Just let me know what you want.

I have another personal robot project to sell (with Basic Stamp 2 and 'AAA' batteries) which is a small obstacle-avoidance wires-legs robot. Ready to use out-of-the-box, preprogrammed.

My email   d.doucet@globetrotter.net