Let's Make Robots!

Which to pick?

So I am getting ready to order everything for my first robot of doom (or so I hope it to become), and have run into a small snag.  I was going to go with the general consensus of the Picaxe 28X board to start with, however getting the Programming Editor to run on my Mac's OS X looks like nothing short of painful hours of pain.  I have heard that the Arduino board's Porgramming Editor works on OS X (I am running Leapord) and was wondering if maybe this should be the way to go. 

Comments and thoughts as to how to overcome my dilemma would be awesome.

Either way, I hope to have a bot to share wih you all soon.

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If you have a newer mac, you should be able to run a virtual PC on your mac. I have a mac mini hooked up to the tv and use virtual windows quite often.

I use Parallels which works great for doing small things that don't require a lot of memory, since it will be running both Windows AND OSX at the same time.

Here's a tute I found about installing it if you wanna mess around with it.

Heh, I have found exceptional alternatives to all my old XP programs to run on OS X, and in most cases they are superior.  Granted, I don't do terribly much on my Mac short of browse the web, produce said podcast, and listen to music, but hey, I have random stuff too.


Now to find a copy of XP...

I'd go with bootcamp.  It should work fine.  I even attended a LAN party recently where I was the only one with an actual PC.  Everyone else was running Bootcamped XP on MAC laptops.  I don't think it should have any trouble running the PICAXE editor.  Instead of a dedicated PC you can have a dedicated Bootcamp.


P.S. I think it's funny, everyone I know who has a MAC switched because they got tired of Windows BS.  But, every one of them fires up XP when they need to do anything but casual internet use or multimedia stuff.

Very true, also BluRay vs HD-DVD.  And if all else fails I have two options to get the Picaxe program running...I can either install a copy of Windows XP via Mac's Bootcamp utility or I can restore my Dell PC to working condition with a new PC and have it be dedicated sole to Robotics work...
That is quite helpful, I believe I will send him that PM, and ensure that he knows that it's not terribly time sensitve (since I am so poor and can't afford to buy all the parts for around a month now).  And if the Mac is the dark side, then I am ok with that, we have cookies.  Honestly though, to each their own for platform choices, I would just like to see equal development support since the OS X, Winblows, and Linux are all great platforms in their own rights and can perform similair tasks.

When I mentioned the "dark side", I hope that you understood that I meant that in jest.   The Mac is a powerfull machine.  It's just been marketed differently.  In fact, I bought a high end MAC for my nephew when he started college.  He's a music and language major.  (I didn't get to play with the MAC, but I did get to pay for it).  :)

Duane S

Wilson, North Carolina  USA

Sorry if you misunderstood me.  I have quite the odd sense of humor and it can be quite dry (especially towards the end of the day).  I would have probably ignored the part that offended me if I had been to any degree.  I think I also have "newcomers disease" where you try and "prettify" how you say things and it comes across quite stiff.

Not a problem.  I just hope that psr_177, or someone else can give you a lead on getting the PICAXE software running on your MAC. 

PC vs MAC?  PICAXE vs Basic Stamp?  BetaMax vs VHS?  Ford vs Chevy?  Its the same story.  We all have brand preferences, but that doesn't mean one is really better than another.

Good luck. 

Duane S

Wils.on, North Carolina  USA


I have a good friend, psr_177, who's gone to the dark side.  (He's recently bought a MAC notebook)  He's been involved with a work related relocation, so I don't know if he's active right now.  You might try PM'ing him.  He's a sharp guy, and very computer savvy.  Last I heard, he "almost" had the PICAXE programming editor working on the MAC.

Duane S

Wilson, North Carolina  USA

I just sent psr_177 an email to remind him to check in here.  :)

Duane S

Wilson, North Carolina  USA