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A random coincidence

So I was updating my profile because I can't build bots yet (no parts currently) and I have only a ton of questions that I will slowly ask over time.  However, I randomly noticed that because I put my full name in, it put my display name of Chainer in the middle of my name with quotes, having it read Bryce "Chainer" Jenkins.  Now that wouldn't be very strange if not for the fact that I have been using the name Chainer for about 7 years now, and most all of my friends know me as Bryce "Chainer" Jenkins, and thats how I introduce myself on my podcast, display my name on MSN etc etc down the line (I even started a trend amongst my gaming friends to do it too).  So needless to say it shocked me, and I felt like expressing the level of awesomeness that small thing caused me to feel towards this site... And I am random and felt like sharing.


Oh, and by the way, HI. I'm new, signed up today.

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 Welcome to Letsmakerobots.com!

i dont even know if im priviliged to welcome you,

(me being also pretty new) but i did so anyway.

Hope to see your robots soon! 






(And welcome, you "dude" :)

Thanks for the warm welcome.