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Hi all, I have question about PIC16F877A... I need to interface it with other ICs like 7segment drivers,
and I have to choose between TTL and CMOS technology. But I can't find out on the datasheet if the mcu is in ttl or cmos one.
The final question is: have I to consider the 16f877a a ttl or a cmos IC?
Many THX in advance ;-)

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If you are operating on 5v power supply, then they should be compatible.  However I think PICs are CMOS, because they use the CMOS power supply symbols (Vss and Vdd, as opposed to Vee and Vcc)

Yes, I'll operate on 5V power supply but I was unsure about the compatibility...

If you're really worried about signal level compatibility, check out the I/O specs right at the end of the datasheet and compare them to the specs for the IC you're interfacing with.

I've already checked, but at the top of the datasheet it says CMOS Technology, the if You go to the bottom in the chapter Electrical Characteristics, it says if the Input is TTL or Schmitt Trigger buffered ( this is confusing ) and says nothing about the output.

The names don't really mean much, check the actual voltage ranges for the inputs and outputs.

Ok, I'll check it.