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How to interface gps module with arduino duemilanove.

Hello everyone i just got a gps module from a guy that  does not want it anymore because he does not  need it anymore,

so he gave it to me for free(good ah?)  but i have never had a gps module before and i dont know how to interface it

with arduino and work right .The only information i've got for it is the manual or datasheet (how this is called?).

Please if anyone here know how to interface it with my arduino answer in this topic.

The manual-datasheet is attached here.

Thanks for reading.


ZX412020GPS.pdf192.24 KB

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well because ram it is a problem in my application can you give me your library if it is open source of course?


It's not a complete library but part of the code for SEA RENDERING. You can download it here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/21098

Connect the GPS to the required power and hook it up to the Arduino UART (RX/TX). Then you should get NMEA sentences into the Arduino.
Have a look at this library http://www.maartenlamers.com/nmea/ it uses a lot of RAM (so I had to write my own) but if RAM isn’t a problem for your application, then It’s a great library.

Some more information here http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Tutorials/GPS