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Walter's "Mapping" and Control Panel

Well folks,

Here is some of the first tests of Walter's mapping system. There are 2 videos, one showing a mapping run and the data, the other showing the hardware I used. Bonus: I think this might be the first time walter has appeared on LMR after paint and after wiring. I have been begging for a compas as most of you know and you can see on the video exactly how the map can get askew quickly with just one lost turn. I think the videos speak for themselves.

I should add that I would still have to call this a success. The wheels are being read, data is being written and read back, data is being relayed twice, the data is converted twice and still --the map is damn close to what we actually did and is to scale. By the way, if you saw in the video, you may have seen 3 extra click boxes noting the room size. These are to scale the map being drawn during playback as to be sure to stay within the map window. Also by the way, thanks rik for adding the "proportion control" into your mapping code when you wrote it... I used it, thanks!


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Well, I am!

It's nice to see Walter's mapping working. I'd call it a success too. Now it's more or less just sanding some rough edges (or corners) :-)

As for compass modules the cheapest one I've found so far is this (~14 EUR in here[sorry, it's in Europe/Poland]). I stumbled upon it when I was looking for cheap RF receivers/transmitters (that company makes them too). Not sure about quality/accuracy/resolution though. It says "It can measure magnetic field with a full range of ±2 gausses and a sensitivity of 512counts/gauss @3.0 V at 25°C." in the datasheet but that really doesn't tell me anything.


And I just noticed that I forgot to give credit to you guys for the work on the original mapping code. I will update the post tonight to reflect your work, rik and nummio. I'll see if I can get some code up too.

But Walter could use some oil, I guess

I think I have an I2C HC6352 compass module, if you want it. Hollar.

I will shoot you an email. --Thanks bunches, this is exactly the unit I need!

Shoot me an email: Hello@DavidJBarnes.com. I will check tonight to see if I still have it.

Thats an awesome looking control panel you have set up CTC, you're really doing great on this stuff!!   :)

That means a lot coming from you, my friend.