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Airplane Suggestion For a UAV

Hey guys,

Gareth and I were talking planes and UAV's the other day so I posted a quick video for him to watch showing one of my planes and why I thought it would be a good choice for a UAV. He suggested I post it for all, so I am.

The plane in the video is a Sky Surfer from Banana Hobby. Now, I personally hate Banana Hobby, but I must admit that this is one great deal on a plane... $160 gets you the plane, TX, charger, a brushless and an extra battery. The Sky Surfer is a rip-off of a Easystar which has been around for years.

I think that is it. Now watch a video of a plane that is not flying.

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Create a Predator UAV. Instead of missles though. create a small co2 cannon. (controled via servos) This would be difficult to find the right plane but would make a great video taking out the neighbors 8D. Another posssible aircraft would be trying to copy the Firefly(unmanned autonomus attack helicopter) but instead have it RC. with a cannon and a camera. Perhaps a bomber that drops a paint grenade would suffice with the carge room in the back of your plan. you could use a servo to open the payload doors.

It looks like an Easy Star with Ailerons -- I like it!  I think I agree with Patrick in that the plane is the easier part (so long as you pick a good plane).  However, since I haven't yet learned to fly the Easy Star I'm building, my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.

Ready-to-fly will cost what it costs (<$200), but the DIYDrones advice is that it probably will not handle the few hundred grams of payload needed to upgrade to a UAV.  I think I spent $120 on the airframe and servos and about $250 just on the upgrades to LiPo power, better propulsion, and a 6-channel radio that will allow it to fly with a payload.  Once I get it flying with an on-board camera, I'll be very happy with my expensive Easy Star.

my 2¢,

This has an amazing cargo space- all under its CG point, what more can you ask for.......

Man, this would be a fun thing to get into! Envy.

I believe the people at diydrones.com talk about a lot of different planes good for UAVs. Personally i think any plane that flies is good for a UAV. I have a easy start setup that doesnt fly. Of course the plane is the easy part of a UAV. The programming and integrating the accelerometers and gyros correctly is the hard part. Im considering a quadcopter one day.