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Aivaras's bot 0.1


Here is my firs unfinished bot project, I new in electronics so I'm reading about it on Internet and also I have book "Electronics For Dummies" for basics.So my ideas can be really wrong and I would be very happy if someone will correct me.

So what do I have:

Really god RC car and I use it for my base, it includes:

  • Really powerful  DC motor.
  • Big Wheels.
  • Power supply (6V 600 mAh and charger).
  • Servo for front wheels.
  • Big bumper for protection.

Brains and sensors:

I have arduino Duemilanove clone for my brains.

Sharp IR sensor.

2 x TSOP and IR diodes.

2x 9g micro servo.

Temperature sensors

some photo diodes.


I have

3 x Li-Po   7.2V 900 mAh  (Two cells) battery.

Ni-Cd 600 mAh 6v battery from RC car with charger.

Li-po cels balancer.





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I have made my controller for motor and it works!


Here is my youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDn_SdO72UE


  • I tried basic codes with arduino.
  • I learned to control servo.
  • I learn how to solder (I can't solder SMD components, but I can solder "normal" things)
  • I learn how tsops and sharp are working with arduino.
  • I buy a lot of components like resistors, capticators, transistors and diodes. And best thing ever - breadboard.

Now I dont know how to control my powerful engine and I made forum topic for it: