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Can you program a Picaxe if you use an adapter to connect the serial programming cable to a 15 pin serial connecter? Or could you simply use jumper wires with male headers to connect them? If so which pin needs to connect to which?

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You mean 9-pin right?

And yes, the picaxe manual shows the end of a 9 pin connector and which pins the "headphone plug" is connected to. You still will need the 10k/22k set-up on the picaxe board.

I mean, can you use a serial-to-serial adapter so you can connect the Picaxe Serial Programming to a 15-pin serial port.

Are you talking about very ancient twenty five pin serial ports? DB25?

Once more: TWENTY five? Because I have never heard of the port you are talking about. That almost sounds like a video (VGA) port... Don't hook up your electronics to a VGA port. That can't be good.

I second rik --that is not a serial port, that is a VGA port. Don't put things there.