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How to make grayscales on black and white LCD?

Hi, well I've been downloading games to my calculator(yes, class is boring) And I noticed this one game, they have grayscales, various levels of gray, and I asked myself how do they do this? Since the calculator only operates at 14.7Mhz I see some interference and stuff, so maybe to make grayscales you have to turn the pixels on and off really fast with software generated PWM?

Right now I only have character LCDs, I really want to get a graphical one soon to play around with.

Oh, and I can't find the source code for the game.

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Chris' method works if the LCD screen has a high resolution, but for low res screens you've gotta use at least a crude type of PWM to get shades of grey.

Well, greyscale is usally based on the satuaration of black dots and the ratio of those black dots to the white ones around it. I know that the picaxe brand LCD allows you to draw up to 8 different custom characters... If your LCD allows this, you simply need to draw your own digits each one having more black dots than the last. I use these picaxe LCD's --If I get a change today, I will do some playing around and post it.