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solve Rubik's cube problem

This is a project for a competition called "robogame" held by studuents in USTC.It's a five-member team and I'm one of the team .We want to make a robot which can solve Rubik's cube problems and do some other jobs(Our main purpose is to make a humanoid robot solving Rubik's cube problems ).we have finished design in July.Now we are working to build it . 



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Nice design.. What model of stepper motor are you using? 

It's too hard to upload pics to this website....





This is a clever design. I like it. If you have a spring on the gripper to close the gripper then it will help your servo hold the cube but the servo will have to work harder to open the gripper.

servo can hold itself when given right signal.At this time spring on icube's hand can give enough strength to hold the cube

Hey nice project. can you please tell me how much torque is required by the motors to turn the rows and columns and also how much you will need to grip the cube firmly. And also It would be cool if the robot could manipulate a 5*5*5 cube cause the solution canbe easily derived from a C++ program and the difficult part lies in  of moving the pieces of the cube to get to the solution. :):)

It take only a little strength to turn the rows of the cube.But it takes much more torque to grip the cube firmly.We have tried many ways. We have found MG995 can be a good choice.you can view


to get more info about this servo.In fact ,It can not give as much torque as it claimed.In our test,It takes about 10N*cm to grip the cube firmly.this kind of robot is hard to manipulate a 5*5*5 cube because its structure.

and also I have a small doubt. How do you turn the rows of the cube in the second and third positions(marked above). The first row can be turned by the arm 1. how do you turn the other faces.


To turn row 1,I can use stepper motor on arm 1.To turn row 2 is not necessary,The solution to the cube do not need to turn the row in the middle of the cube.To  turn row 3, use stepper motor on arm 2 to turn 180 degrees.then stepper motor on arm 1 is able to turn row 3

Longer fingers of which the tips are smaller then a cube. Both arm 1 and 2 need to be able to move up and down.