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Article: Interview with first human cyborg

I saw this go by at Boing Boing --You guys read the Boing Boing blog, don't you? You don't? --Are you mental? Boing Boing Rocks! --It is a directory of wonderful things, you know.

At any rate, here is an interview with the first guy to get computer stuff implanted in his body. He also experiments with hooking up rat brains to robots. Bonus: There are SRF005's in the video, so when you watch, you get to say, "Oh, oh, I know that part! I know that part! --That is the SRF005 sonar unit! Woo-Hoo!".


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I did like the interview and the overall video, I was a bit surprised that a simple RFID chip makes this guy a cyborg. Using that logic, my dog has been a cyborg for 10 years. I dunno, maybe it was implanted so long ago that it was a bigger deal at the time or what they are calling a "RFID" chip might actually be a RF transmitter connected to some nerves in there. It seemed that he simply had a sensor taped to his forarm picking up muscle contractions. --I have seen this since the 80's. I might be missing something.

On a different note, did I hear it right that they were using actual rat-brain tissue to control robots? I had not heard that one before.

Yup, rat nervous tissue grafted onto electronics. Some time ago already. Google it