Let's Make Robots!

Chris from the Past... (With a LINK!!!)

So I get a Facebook message about my high school reunion coming up. The person in charge needs my contact info. I get her email and send a nice message back with a quick blurb about the kids and the like. I should mention, I went to primary school and high school with this girl. --This is a portion of the email I got back from her:

Glad all is well for you.  After two weeks of 100 degrees here in Kansas, I'm wishing that I was vacationing in Cape Cod!  Do you know what I remember about you?  That once in elementary school you made a robot out of a trash can.  Very impressive.  Here's the reunion info:



I can't beleve it! I found the original article! This is the robot I built in 4th grade.

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Like you Chris, I was also making robots when I was in primary school. Usually cardboard with some torch globes mounted on an old toy car chassis.

The only thing I did with a garbage can was to try and make a washing machine with an old cement mixer motor. I had just left home and was earning barely enough money to buy meat at the time.


Chris, We just had our 40th reunion and I know what you mean.

I knew we were going to be disecting live frogs in biology class, so....I made up a "nerve stimulator" to have a little fun with mister frog. I took the audio output transformer from an "all American 5-tube radio" and wired some batteries and a pushbutton to the speaker leads. The primary, "HV plate winding", was brought out to some suitable contacts. The output pulse was somewhere around 350 volts. Don't let anyone tell you a "dead" frog can't jump. Mister frog was jumping everywhere, girls screaming, guys laughing, biology teacher not amused, and I got a weeks detention for my effort.

That was in 1968..... today, nerve stimulators are common items, I should have patented it:-(

When I was in highschool I made something very similar with a small 240V-9V transformer. It would create nice little blue sparks across a piece of vero board.

I didn't mess with around with dead frogs, after zapping a few of my class mates they stayed well clear of me :P

You always had it in you, Sire!