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Mini RC hypno disk

Kills its opponents.

We all know the famous hypno disk from robot wars, well, here's his illegitimate son.


Just a couple of servos some old lego knex wheels, and foamed PVC bits I had around, the disk is a computer CD, and the motor is from an old CD player.

New disk:

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Nice job !! ;) 

If you cut the cd just right the teeth will hit the target every time. 

Thanks :-)


Yeah, cut them a bit more and now it's better, also bought the speed down a notch.

Control method? Ripped RC? Some might have an interest in doing this, very quick (apparetnly) way of makiing develpoment / testing bot before adding AI.

And how do you spin that CD drive?

Lots of goodies hidden in this little killa! :D

Yep, a proportional remote(kyosho perfex) each channel controls each servo in both directions, and speed control :D It's a relatively cheap remote, range is HUGE but only two channels, for robotics 3 or more is better.

The CD drive is really old, so the motor is brushed, all it takes is wiring it to the battery, and already has a thing with springs to "grab" the CD:












I have finally found something to do with unused CDs :D better than throwing them at buildings...

nice robot, make the disk from steel and it will cut legs of it's opponents :D

And you have cool k'nex wheels, I use those too sometimes :D

I found them outside, grabbed them right away, knew they where good, they have holes in them, perfect for some screws to attach the servo horn :D