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This is my first fire fighting robot,actually its the second one built  here in jordan and first in my university J.U.S.T,its really hard to design one when you know nothing but with time all can be solved,using 2 DC geared motors,PIC16F877,SRF05 placed on a servo,TPA81 flame sensor placed also on a servo,L298N H-bridge to control the Motors,fire extinguisher,tubular solenoid ,2-3 12 v Dc battery and some designs i managed to start,its not finished yet and am still working and testing to get the best performance,if any one can advise me or give me some ideas i will be glad to hear them,also any help that you can offer to me will be very important to me,wish you all luck in your robot inventions.....

Khaled Yasin


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The TPA81 is something that many in here have shown interest in!

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Wouldn't the weels melt in the fire? Also please don't tell me that the body is made of plastic!!!
yes you are right wheels could melt if exposed to fire directly,also it is made from plastic ,because it is only a prototype,but i am thinking of shielding the robot with a thin metallic layer that reduces the exposure to high temperatures.
Video, p-l-e-a-s-e-! :D
SOON SOON fritsl......

the three periods at the end (...) must have fallen off the egde of your paragraph ^_^

Looks awesome though.  I'd love to see some video of the water cannon.

How directionable is the water jet? Could it scoosh water at a wall such that it writes text or draws a picture? Could it enter the Write LMR Challenge as a graffitti bot?
actually i am using a powder fire extingusiher that will open automatically using a tubular solenoid valve,i didnt think about water because it needs space and weight...,i like your idea though
This looks like somethign else. Nice design would love to see it in action.