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Bandit @ 13:00 - Part 4 XBees (Plus Extra :- EPP Flying practice)

Project "Depron" took one leap forward , with the successful implementation of the XBee Pros and Servo mechanisms.

This is a key part of the project, which means that i can now rest easy that i have 1.5Kms of control over the plane.

It was no easy task to find compatible libraries for the Serial & Servo control,

In the end a combo of the NewSoftSerial.h and ServoTimer1.h was the perfect match for the XBee Pros, the whole system is running rock steady @ 38400Baud (@momo).

EDIT:- Patrick Mcabe just pointed out ServoTimer1.h only drives 2 servos (oversight on my side)..............oh man the search continues for libraries for driving serial port and 5 pwms..........

.......... Best news of the week was an exchange with user dc which resulted in him posting a tip Arduino multi-servo remote control sketch

I am currently testing it to its limits...... so far so good ............

Now i can press on with the Rudder - Elevator servos mechanisms.

I have also made the motor mount ,rather novel - it was my way of making a secure supportive mount strong enough to retain the motor but at the same time flexible to align.

The Aeroplane in the Video is my sons EPP indestructable, its one of of my practice planes.

Non StreamLink of EPP practice

Update 21/9/10 :-

Hacked 5 Channel XBee Pro - Atmel 328 (arduino) Radio Transmitter now working (vid attached)

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Did you actually test the range? I think this is the maximum range when everything (including weather) works in your advantage. Normally I would guess 300 to 500 meters.

I can only guess as to the range as yet , if it goes more than 500m then i will be well happy.

I am almost at a stage where i can test all the servos, so this would be a good time to do a distance check on land.

Maybe because EPP will be harder to shape. I was looking more at the nice and stable flight of the trainer. EPP is not unbreakable btw, I destroyed 4 already :)

I just attached a vid by rcpowers (who where my inspiration to build this project)

Its worth checking out their other vids as they contain many interesting projects.

Yes why the heck did i buy Depron anyways - i wish now the model shop had EPP in stock.......

This will be some adventure man :) Are you still sure about using the extra? The EPP trainer looks better for the job I think.