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Mini Sumo Bot Parts!


I decided to make a mini sumo robot a few weeks ago instead of doing an obstacle avoider. Turns out that once you think about it, mini sumo bots and obstacle avoiders are pretty much the same! The only changes I would need to make would be to the code. Great! Sumos can also double as line followers. So in short, they're pretty versatile. Here is an image of most of the parts that will go into this sucker. 



Pictured Items:

  1. Arduino Duemilanove
  2. Solarbotics L298 Compact Motor Driver
  3. Sharp GP2D12 analogue distance sensors (x2)
  4. BaneBots 533rpm 186oz/in motors with custom mounts (x2)
  5. Meccano Wheels
  6. Custom dual line sensor circuit on breadboard
  7. Base plywood


 I think this is going to be a great sumo bot. The competition I'm entering has unusual size limits in that there are none. Because the robots usually entered in the "mini" sumo are customized Solarbotics Sumovore kits, I will be designing my robot to be bigger, stronger and badder than even the most tricked out Sumovore. Thanks for reading!


September 2nd Update:

I've been working on the bot recently and I am almost ready to drill the holes in the base to make this sucker a true mobile robot. I have some beta code ready that I will test when I build the base. 

Changes made since last update:

  1. Set up line sensor circuit on protoboard.
  2. Completed the first beta software revision.
  3. Experimented with the mandatory start button and five second timer.
  4. Completed 2nd last layout revision.
  5. Built the first stage of the motherboard/power distribution board.



  1. Motherboard/Power Distribution Board.
  2. Arduino 
  3. 9v battery (one of two)
  4. Solarbotics L298 Compact Motor Driver.
  5. Banebots Drive Motors.
  6. OPB704 Line Sensor Board.

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Lookin' good. Keep it up!