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simple motor brake

hi all,

i need to control a simple DC motor (using Arduino and some H-bridge). 

what is the best/simplest way to implement a braking control? i don't mean to slow it down (by shortening its terminal) - i mean really braking it (against downhill slipping). 

will fast forward/backward alternation do the trick? or is there any more decent way of doing this?

thanks in advance !


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It should work with forward/backward alternation trick. The following schematic works as a 4-quadrant chopper DC driver. Which means active breaking and acceleration in both directions.

The fun thing is, you will only need 1 PWM pin per motor. At 50% PWM and will stop and fully break. From 49..0%  PWM it will run in one direction, from 51..100% in the other direction. The breaking effect will be getting smaller, the faster the robots go. On slow speed it should be drive down a ramp without getting faster (but did not tested it). The disadvantage of this simple solution: In  stop mode the motor will draw a lot of current.