Let's Make Robots!

Support a fellow geek --or you are a chump

It seems that Spark Fun has featured a picture of the Chess Bot (built by Pat) on their front page to advertise a contest. --The rub is the fact that the Chess Bot did not make the top 10. First off, this is simply not right --some of the other entries were just Google sketch drawings. Now, nothing can change these facts but I see no reason not to show some support to a great guy and a great project. Again, we cannot change this contest in any way, we are simply showing support.

Listen, we are geeks, we are nerds and we are a family. We, in many cases, are the "others" and if that is the case, we are the "others" together, period. I have your back and I know that you all have mine. Please if you would, drop a line (comment) over at sparkfun and show some support for Pat and the Chess Bot. Pat has worked his ass and brain off on this one, I'll be damned if it is featured without the proper credit.

Link here to SparkFun

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I mean people that actually made something physical should get the prize, just a sketch shouldn't be enough, there wasn't a real effort put into that, no money spent, shouldn't be considered a valid entry.