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Laptop audio to five earphones

I don't know much about electronics but has quite a lot of experience with microcontrollers(Picaxes and BOEs), beginner inputs & outputs and soldering.


In 7 days(Aug25) I am going camping with a few friends and I am in charge with Entertainment part(i.e. Movies). I have my laptop and I am planning to connect FIVE 3.5mm earphones to its audio. Can I build this amplifier and just change the speaker to five 3.5mm female? My last resort would be making one input to five output splitter - is this a bad idea or is this a good short cut? Any downside?


 - I really want to run 5 pairs of earphones/headphones - I know how loud it is inside a tent while its pouring outside.

 - Run in 2-6AA batteries.

 - I have a small radio and a walkman that I could scavenge from or please inform me of other devices.

 - I have 2-4 speaker from an old surround sound if this is a better way to go.


Thank you very much for any help! - NOX

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You should really have one amplifier for each set of headphones otherwise you will likely have poor quality sound and limited volume. There are a few small amplifier IC's well suited for your problem that could be powered from your USB port.

The TDA2822M is a nice little stereo amplifier in an 8pin dip. The datasheet includes a nice simple sample circuit that would do what you want.Use one for each set of headphones.

You could try using just 2 of these, each in "Bridge" configuration, one for each channel and then plug 5 headphones in but you might need to power the amplifier from 12V-15V for best volume and quality of sound.