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micro core test

balance test
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my first freeform micro core.it is a beam bot.i refer chu's body design.



i am going to add mcu based ir senser,maybe rc system futher.

the video show some self balance test.i play with it,like a real pet. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTk4NjM0NTAw.html


EDIT:add new bicore and reverse.



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I love it!

I think a robot with close to no chassis somewhat is the highest you can achieve in design in such a robot: The components wrapping around the chip reminds me of nerves in an animal. How cool it would be, if one could make a robot completely consisting of a shaped bundle components and actuators - and nothing else.

And is that an old mobile phone battery that you are using? I have a lot of old phones that I am saving for the day that I can use the batteries - the phone itself is a perfect charger.

thanks for the comment!
yes,i use cell phone battery for the bot.it can drive the bot for hours.

Very interesting! Where is the video?

i don't know why it doesn't show up.you can check the url.

Ah! Very nice!

Question: What did you use to connect the legs to the motor shaft?

the motor shaft is D shape and DIM=5mm.

Wow! I have not seen a BEAM robot in years. I love it!