Let's Make Robots!

Something to help spread the love

So call me crazy, but even being as new as I am, I wanted to do something to help this place out, and since I can't make a revolutionary world changing bot, or even one at all right now, I did do these.


Now, I am by no means talented with graphics, but I like the simple clean look of these, and I feel that they can be used as banners or signature links in other forums to help promote this awesome place...just a thought.


Let's Make Robots Sig (Small)12.12 KB
Let's Make Robots Sig (Bigger)21.86 KB

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Looks like I just found the new icon for my LMR link :)

I feel the vibe as well :D And thanks for using my bot in your artwork.

Not to let you down, but just FYI; 

A) We do not have the domain name lmr.com

B) http://letsmakerobots.com/node/396

C) http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2158

Yeah, I should have thought about it better, of course most anyone on here would get that LMR.com translates to letsmakerobots.com, but I guess other people wouldn't.  Though I did have it in mind as a forum sig image where you would use code to have the image link directly to the site.