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Stuff in the mail


Today i just received two packets in the mail. In one of these was an lcd which i bought for less than 5$ incl. shipping, while in the other was a 434 mhz rf link kit, which cost around 8$. So far i haven't tested either, as i received them moments ago. I will soon be using them though, proabably to make a custom arduino rf controller, i only need a second arudino..


 <== picture right here

That's it. Soon i'll also be receiving a nimh 1Ah 8.4v battery pack, and i'll complete my first robot.


PS: i bought them both from ebay, if anyone wants to know the sellers just ask




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If you get them to work I would be interested to know the seller for the rf link :)


as soon as i get a second arduino, i'll let you know

I do hope that you have SOME experience with this. Serial is a freakin killa! If this is the first thing you are doing, you will surprise me very much if you make it work!

thats why i love I2C :D serial just uses too much ports

double post

there is no serial involved here: there is a liquidcrystal library for arduino that takes care of the lcd, and a virtualwire library which takes care of the rf link.