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Electrical Noise and Servos

"Warning! - Servos generate a lot of electrical noise. The PICAXE microcontrollers WILL NOT run correctly if a single power supply is used. This is because the electrical noise will disrupt the operation of the PICAXE microcontroller, constantly resetting it. If noise affects your circuit try soldering a large electrolytic capacitor as close as possible to the microcontroller power pins." - From the AXE030 Datasheet

I am quite confused. Is it saying to use a two power supplies AND a capacitor, or is it saying to use two power supplies OR a capacitor? I noticed that on the AXE024 there is not a seperate power supply used. I apoligize for my large number of forum posts, I am just trying to work out a circuit design.

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Short; Just use one power supply, I have never experienced any trouble!

Check the "Start here", it is only using one! And never heard of any problems from the many, many people building from it!

Skip the second power, skip the cap, just be sure you have a resistor on the data wire of the servo. --If it ain't broke, don't fix it.