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Old junk - disk drive data cable

perfect for putting components like CNY70 in place

Good tip on how to place sensors on your robot is by using old cables that are probably laying around the house of most people interested in building robots at home, right?

Of course, you can buy ribbon cable and connectors of various sizes, but usually there arent many as wide as WIDE-SCSI (68pins, 2 rows of 34). Of course, IDE cable is pretty wide as well with its 40 pins and there is way more such cables in old PC junk box.

All you need to sort out is which pin is connected to which cable - which should be quite easy using multimeter for first two pins and then you can just count.

If you are sure which positions you are going to need (like in my picture i used the left most, right most and then 3 in the middle) then you can simply cut away rest of the cable (ribbon cable can be easily torn into separate wires) and then you can braid those wires you need - it takes less place and is sometimes easier to guide through the robot body. As you can see on the image bellow i didnt cut the cables all the way next to the connector, so that it can be used in the future in case it is needed.

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Indeed a good tip!

Just make sure that you only use it with stuff that has pins that are not lose:

Not a smart way to connect Easy Radio modules!

:D :D :D this is great for prototyping, thanks for the tip :-)

this is the best and craziest ideea I've eve' seen :D


      Thanks thanks thanks thanks... you're the god of scrapheap challenges