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The Dead Kangaroo Fish

I had a dream that it would start a sort of jumping motion..


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Update: Next one here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2259

As a sequel to The Headhunter I wanted to try faster and stronger, to see if I could provoke some sort of "jumping like a kangaroo" - motion.. However, the nearby option I had was the back from an old RC car. And.. where the "arms" should move in sync for it to start jumping (in my dreams), the nice motor/gear/axle has diferential drive pull and that, combined with some other laws of nature, provoked the whole thing to crawl rather than jump :/

But I will have my revenge!


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Awesome! I like it much better with the high speed.  You should try it on some rough terrain.  The legs remind me of RHex (http://www.bostondynamics.com/content/sec.php?section=RHex).

It's yepping!

kef kef kef kef kef!


It's starting to become a robot. I quite like it now.

That thing looks scary as hell. Like an undead skull and spinal cord, dragging itself after you (alarmingly fast) to devour your soul. It reminds me of something from Half Life or Doom :)



the link to headhunter does not work, missing a /node/ in between.

How springy is that polymorph stuff actually? Does it bend or break? How much force does it take in the shape you gave it for these legs? Can you store any amount of energy in them?

Could you wrap polymorph around actual springs to make them more, ehm, springy?

What would the technical term be? Would an artsy know?


To put it short; It is acting 97% like white nylon! (when cooled down)

- The kind youcan get cutting boards in.

When as thick (and triagular shaped) like this, it is very hard, stiff, almost not springey, but more forgiving than iroen etc.

make it thinner, and it gets springey.

Bend it too hard, and it gets affected, is half way bend in the bended shape.

Should have been thinner for this, and I would make it so if the project was not doomed because of the non-syncronized arms..

You could try superglueing the diff.  A lot of cheapskate drifters weld their diffs to do powerslides.  Never actually cracked open an r/c diff so I'm not sure if it's set up the same though.
Yeah, good tip, thanks.. Only I have made it so that I can just take off the "arms", and I really like the motor/gear/dif drive.. I will make it with another system!

 Do you want me to send you a RC toy motor without diff for further experimenting?

I could swap you the v1.2 or v2.0 motor from my walker experiment for something like your plastic gears or a small fistfull of polymorph.

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"