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The Dead Kangaroo Fish

I had a dream that it would start a sort of jumping motion..


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Update: Next one here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2259

As a sequel to The Headhunter I wanted to try faster and stronger, to see if I could provoke some sort of "jumping like a kangaroo" - motion.. However, the nearby option I had was the back from an old RC car. And.. where the "arms" should move in sync for it to start jumping (in my dreams), the nice motor/gear/axle has diferential drive pull and that, combined with some other laws of nature, provoked the whole thing to crawl rather than jump :/

But I will have my revenge!


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Thanks a lot.. but no, sorry.

I have many motors, and there is no way that I let go of my Polymorph, that Ant send me!  (you may be able to buy / swap some with him, he is making a monster with 12 servos now..)

If you REALLY could use the plasic gears, PM me with address, I will send them to you for notin.

this is the coolest thing iv ever seen.
the dead kangaroo fish.