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Servo Player Module

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This is the board featured in Jon Williams' September Spin Zone article in Nuts & Volts magazine - you can download the article here (pdf), and the code is here.


  • 2 Analog Joysticks, connected to the Propeller through an onboard ADC (MCP3204)
  • Connections for 4 Servos
  • Start Switch & 6 DIP switch inputs
  • Bicolor LED for user feedback
  • Connect to an R/C transmitter in 'trainer' mode with jumper-able 5v & 3.3v power output and jumper-able pullup or pulldown resistor.
  • Audio Start output for synchronization with jumper-able 5v and 3.3v power output

It's designed specifically as a Waldo to control animatronics & digital puppets, but it will control servos no matter what they're in. I did a little demo video with my R/C car;

You can grab the kit, schematic, and pcb layout on the project page. I also did a writeup on using the hardware & jumper settings here.

Let me know if you have any questions!