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wanted: fm stereo receiver

This is an electronics question that has little to do with robots. But this forum seems a good place to ask it anyway.

For an upcoming diy project, I am in need of some advice on integrated radio circuits. For my 93 yr old grandmother I hope to build a radio that can do this:

  • receive fm radio stations (over a central antenna system, i.e. cable)
  • in stereo
  • drive two 4-8 ohm speakers
  • remember up to 30 preset frequencies
  • micro controller tells radio which station or which frequency to tune
  • produce Sound That Does Not Suck (STDNS quality)
  • perhaps will be expanded with a CD player
  • looks beautiful and compact (this would be a non electronics issue, so forget it)
I intend to build the case and the controls myself. Leaving anything off that might confuse the user. Not that my gran hates technology or is getting too old to learn how to operate gadgets. But because modern stereo equipment does not respect her desire for KISS designs and interfaces.

So please help me if you can. Do you know a suitable radio IC to start out with? Do you have experiences with these ICs to share with me? Does it take a digital input for frequency choice?

What kind of amplifier am I looking for? Another neatly packaged IC would be my preference.

Thanks in advance, 8ik


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Here is your amplifier circuit. http://www.instructables.com/id/Audio-Amplifier/

The LM386 is a great, simple amp. I have used it for this little guy and I also built a cute little USB-powered amp for my wife's Mac. Not only can you get it at Radio Shack for a couple bucks, but you only need a couple extra componants to make it go. --Simply a wonderful, cheapie amp.

Thanks, I will look into this amp!

If you want something small, I was just looking at this at Sparkfun.com. SPI or I2C interface. I don't have any experience with it and haven't even had time to read the data sheet yet. But since you asked...

Search there for FM Receiver Module, sku: WRL-08770.

Hope this helps.