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Offline storage for project files

Hopefully my boss won’t see this, but from time to time I get some ideas when at work or I need to check something out in my current robot project. So I keep all my project files in a Dropbox folder.
For those of you that don’t know about Dropbox, checkout http://www.dropbox.com/

For my use the Dropbox is perfect;

  • No more carrying around USB memory sticks that I more than lightly will forget somewhere or I find out doesn’t have the latest version of my code.
  • My projects are always backed up and in sync between all machines (even at work…)
  • Even project files I have deleted can be restored.
  • And the free 2Gb stores lots and lots of code.
  • I can even reach my files from any computer via a web interface
  • Folders can be shared with others working on the same project and removed when it’s not needed anymore.
  • Arduino sketches or Visual studio projects can have its files stored there and you work directly from the Dropbox so you don’t need to remember to copy anything over.

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what does that referral link mean i have open it.Its showing the front page of dropbox.

If you sign up for Dropbox using someone's referal link, they will get extra free storage space.

It`s really  nice  if you do co-ops. projects at work or in scools etc.


Referral link:


Am i the only one who just setup a VPN server at home so i can access my entire network from anywhere in the world?

That gives me access to 6TB of storage :)



I knew about it, but I had not try it yet, it is very cool indeed :)

click my referral link below:D


Aren't you on my shared folders?

I clearly remember you mentioning something  about this, but I forgot where and when. Anyway I'm not currently.

You are now! I bought the complete collection of the Servo Magazine, I share it with special people. Currently, only 2009 and 2010 are shared, if you want more, buzz me.

You should also mention Wuala. Another file sharing service, where you can trade storage or pay to become a pro user, which gives you file versioning, back in time, etc.

You get as much storage as you pay for + as much storage as you trade % uptime + 1 GB of default storage.

I pay for nothing, trade 30 GB, my computer stays up 80% of the time, so I get 0 GB +  24 GB + 1 GB = 25 GB storage.

ive been using it for about a year and a bit, brilliant service for syncing files between home and school i found, IT teacher allowed me to install it on computer i use in lesson which was alot better than the web interface but then the web based version is quite good aswell