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Robot 4 disabled

Working on robot for handicap(armless or paralysed below neck)..Ne suggestions wat could be the applications of a robot which is manouvered by movements of face of the controller....also the bot shud follow the face of the controller....

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I am able to track face using webcam and send appropriate  signal thru serial port....using max232 this signal is given to 89c51....then based on data received command is given to l293d motor driver..I've used 4 stepper motors..


I need a way to make this serial pc-robo transmission wireless...which is d best possible way..? 

Perhaps it would help if you posted more info on what you have already done, so we can see what you are working with. You are asking very open-ended and general questions, but if you already have chosen your processor and some of the chassis hardware (the body of the robot), then we need to see what you are working with in order to provide useful responses.

If you want to be original, you may try Emotiv - www.emotiv.com/ . Mind control is not sci-fi anymore.

P.S. There are a bit cheaper alternatives also available.

Go with voice interface with eye tracking mechanism for mouse (Google it). Write the software so the chair can follow path in direction of gaze. Add collision avoidance to slow down to a crawl and slip between obstacles so chair handle obstacles and the driver just has to point his eye in the direction he wants to go.

M not actually making a wheelchair or something....just a simple 4 wheel small robot which will give surveillance 2 bed ridden and also help in push n pull functions for armless....robot will have a cam mounted on it which will give real time robot eye view to the bedridden..it will aslo click image of person posing threat when commanded by the disabled 2 do so..voice module also will b added...

How do u find  the the idea?

P.S( i am using 89c51 n finished with wired basic face controlled robot, now want to make it wireless...how do i go about i?)