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VGA AV Module

Vendor's Description: 

The VGA A/V module expands the Propeller Platform to include VGA & composite (NTSC or PAL) video output, audio output, keyboard and mouse input, and a prototyping area. 


  • Standard Propeller based VGA circuit/connector with the Demo Board standard base at Pin 16
  • Two standard Propeller based PS2 circuits/connectors with the Demo Board standard Pins at 24/25 and 26/27 
  • Standard Propeller based NTSC Composite video circuit with the Demo Board standard base at Pin 12 
  • Standard Propeller based mono sound circuit with the base at Pin 11 
  • Video and sound are brought out to an A/V connector (3.5 mmm stereo headphone jack) that follows the same pin out as the Propeller Backpack. RCA to Stereo adapter cables and/or dongles can be bought at any Radio Shack. 
  • There is access and prototyping area for Pins 0..10 which are unused on this board

More info on the Project Page.

The VGA AV module was designed by The Shoppe @ Wulfden.  I also did a little demonstration video here.