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For real, I noticed some healty looking people begging for goods and/or money on the forum. As an army veteran I don't know what to think of that but anyway it seems to work.

A former colleauge and good friend of mine has a 3 year old son who will be lucky if he reaches the age of 10 years old. His dad (Gerald) started a foundation that benefits research into this terrible disease. Here's the message I just got from him;

In September, my Foundation “Ride4Kids" has organized bicycle ride from Barcelona to Nijmegen. The “Barcelona - Nijmegen Challenge ". The tour will start on September the 4th  and end on September the 25th , 2010. This bike ride where 20-many participants will take part we would like to publicize energy metabolic disorder. We hope through donations and sponsorship to raise money for children with this disease (see www.ride4kids.nl & www.energy4all.nl).


Who wants to support me through a donation?

With your donation you do the children with a metabolic energy disorder a great pleasure and you also help Professor Dr. Jan Smeitink of UMC Radboud Hospital in Nijmegen. He and his European team conduct research into the cure of this disease.


The Ride4Kids Foundation has been declared an Institution for General Benefit by the Dutch tax authorities. This means that the Ride4Kids Foundation does not have to pay tax on the donations it

receives. It also means that those who wish to make a donation to Ride4Kids can treat the donation as a tax deductible item in accordance with the current (corporate) income tax rules.

See http://www.belastingdienst.nl/giften/for more information.


Bank details:
You deposit an free to choose amount to sponsor Ride4Kids, quoting Gerald Croes
Information for account number

Account number: 1054.49.202

IBAN: NL56RABO0105449202 



I myself am a father of son 3 years with an energy metabolic disorder that includes a reason that our organization's commitment to children with a metabolic energy.


Did you know that in the Netherlands each year 500 children are affected with cancer?
75% cure them happy.
Did you know that in the Netherlands each year 700 children are affected with a metabolic disorder?
The death rate is 70%.

More children are dying in the Netherlands from this disease than any disease!


What is a metabolic energy?
Children are born with a half-full battery.


Their battery is half empty, and does not charge it runs out quickly. At the least form, children walk 50 meters and feel like they’ve run a marathon. They are completely exhausted. Many children also have  affected organs that consume much energy as the brain, heart and liver. Due to a developmental delay, epilepsy and heart and liver failure, many of these children die before the 10th birthday. There is (still) no treatment for this serious disease


Within the University Medical Center St. Radboud, experts of the Nijmegen Centre for Mitochondrial Disorders (www.ncmd.nl) led by Prof. Dr. Jan Smeitink, busy to

a)       call attention to this relatively rare disease so that patients are detected,

b) methods to set the diagnostics to accelerate

c) Research into a treatment.

The goal over the next five years the first treatment for this serious disease to have developed. The knowledge gained from the "energy research" is also important for diseases like Parkinson's, certain cancers and normal aging.


There are few people familiar with the existence and severity of (energy) metabolic disease. Also from the pharmaceutical industry has been relatively little interest in (financial) support for research into medicines for metabolic energy.


For more information about this disease I refer you to our website and or Ride4Kids Energy4All and questions you can always contact me.




Kind regards


Gerald Croes

 Met vriendelijke groeten/Kind regards

Gerald Croes
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