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Robotic Paintball Sentry

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Hey Guys,

Figured I'd show off my latest robotics project, this is a Robotic Paintball Gun Sentry. It's using a pair of RX-64 Dynamixels for the pan/tilt, with some major modifications to the default base platform. The entire base was designed in Autodesk Inventor and cut from 1/4" Black ABS on a lasercutter CNC. Onboard brains is an ArbotiX Robocontroller, which is programmed in the Arduino IDE. It uses a relay hooked up to a digital output to 'trip' the electronic firing control board that I yanked out of the paintball gun. Currently it's remote controlled using an ArbotiX Commander handheld controller and a pair of Xbee wireless radios, but a camera has been added and am working on a fully autonomous mode (which will also include an onboard laptop).



Pan/Tilt Assembly:


The Battery & Tank:


CO2 tank:


Leg Construction:


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Love this project.  You might want to try a thermal array sensor, the 16x4 variety.  Even though each pixel is about 4 degrees or so, I managed to track small animals well enough to target them with lasers even while moving.  You could probably combine the data from a camera and a thermal array to get even better results.

Nice work.  Wish I could buy one right now.

This is really awesome paintball robot! Great work! Just amazing, awesome project!

Dude this is like the coolest thing i've ever seen

nice project i am looking to make my own and this is a great help! how many pounds does that servo bracket hold?  does a standard size servo work in the pan/tilt? Also i really like the design and the metal or whatever the base is made out of.

I want to see this mounted to InterbotiX PhantomX Hexapod. Hexapod Is maybe too small for that, but making this move like that would be awesome...

Actually, I have an RX-64 based Hexapod in the works that'll be about 1m in diameter. That should carry the paintball gun no problem (and I intend to do exactly that).

What gun are you using on that?

Tippman? I honestly don't recall, my boss just went to a paintball gun store and said: Give me your cheapest one with an electronic trigger.

Nice job!

The perfect match for this machine gun will be the camera you are going to install and a recognition software running on a laptop to detect movement and face recognition when the objetives are calm and quiet. But please, shoot low!


Very nice job. This beats airsoft and nerf sentries. Now to find a human gunea pig and get them on tape :D