Let's Make Robots!

Links for LMR Help 8.26.10

Arduino PWM (sample code)

Serializer thing --An off-brand board

More memory than a 256 EEPROM --Other ways of storing data

Charging with LM293 --And why this regulator won't work --Volt regulation vs. Current Regulation

Servo Brackets --This is an example of a great robot arm and a close up of the servo brackets used
http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2390  the arm
http://binrock.net/photos/?pid=12473 just the servo bracket

Pan Tilt Kit from Dagu --This is the post that started it all --Check out the hot glue!


***Extra links and stuff we talked about***

I think the main issue was the MAX713 charger.

The main post is here

Chris's post with his finished board

The PCB is available at Spark Fun (And I would be happy to help you with the set-up)

Search For Free Samples

We will get to servo mounts and chassis design tomorrow!

Thanks everyone


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