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What on earth is this?

My wife "organized" one of my drawers, and this thing came up. What on earth is THAT I asked. "It is just one of your thingeys" she replied.

It had no batteries in it, so I inserted some.. and nothing happened.

I has:

A speaker, a print (with a black-blob-chip on it), and.. some strange "sensor" or something? Strange little thing with wires on each side, to hold it together? And to mystify even more, that can be "sealed off".

Also, on the side it has some mounting-part, that had some old no-longer-stickey tape on it.

AND!! When I took the pictures, all the suden it started sounding like baabuubaabuu.. I shoke it, and it stopped, have not been able to reproduce!?!

Any one of you ever had such a.. thingey? Instructions for use?


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I have been following the site for a while now, while silently gathering tools and components to build my first robot, thinking I should introduce myself when I was building, but since I know what this device is, I thought Id tell (Hope I don't spoil the fun=)


It is a toy alarm! I seem to remember the kid getting it with a donald duck magazine, but his got destroyed (stepping on them hurts.:)

Apparently its basically some form of proximity sensor with an audio output.


Hope that helps! :)


That's it!!

Thanks a lot, all solved now: I was subscribing to the Danish Dunald Duck magazine till about a year ago. It often came with little plastic gimmicks, and aparantly this one ended up in a drawer, never used or tested efore.

I now crack-opened it, and inside the little hole was a small LDR!

So I guess the deal must have been that you could glue it inside a closet or something, take out the pin from the hole, and when the closet was opened, the alarm went off.

What a crap piece of sh*t :D Likely to have ben made in a sweatshop, sorry kids.

And thanks for the help :)

(And welcome to our swedish newbee :)

Haha, my day is made better knowing that Frits was subscribed to Donald Duck magazine. You just read it for the articles, I'm sure.


woah look at the tail feathers on that one
I know! It's a thing to make people ask questions :P
The truth is out there.
I've snuck into Frits' house and left random broken electronic devices. Lets see if he notices...

 I think i know why that it made those strange sounds.

wHenever telephone waves (from cellphones or phones) or SMS's

pass through the air and throug a speaker, the speaker go's crazy!

so maybe its that???




Do NOT feed it after midnight and NEVER let it get wet!


I think I agree with the two of you. 

fritz- does it sound similar to what you hear when walking into a quickie mart?