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Post Show Notes and Links Episode 0.5

This are the links and notes associated with The LMR Help Vidcast, episode 0.5


Discussion of keyboards --Washing them in water and putting them in dishwashers --It Works!!

The "Standard LMR Servo (The little blue one)

A lot of guys buy these little servos here.

We talked about polymorph and Oddbot making sheets of it.

Here is his original caterpilliar post (You can buy the caterpilliar as a kit too! Just ask)

Here is OddBot's polymorph sheet post

Robots and 4-wheeled chassis

Frits and how to make 3 point turns

The question was asked about a specific set of wheels and the motors needed

This is the motor unit. This is a Tamiya dual gear box and is a good choice for smaller robots --Lots of different wheels can fit

We spoke of omni-wheels

Here is a post about the ones from our friends, Dagu

We also mentioned "Chassis Kits"

This is just one (of many, many different styles and kinds) example of a "chassis kit"


The Denmark Meet-Up --I have no link or info, rik will have more details as they become available


And of Course, Our Special Guest, Gareth

Gareth has done some amazing work around here, not least of which has been his work with wii remotes and his Picaxxo bot.  He is also the undisputed polymorph guru.

As discussed on the show, is his from-scratch build of a RC plane. Here is just one post from his blogs on the subject. You might want to click-through to youtube to be sure you see all of the build videos.


Thanks Everyone,

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