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Find Candles and Blows out

This is an autonomous hobby robot application, that finds the candles and then blows them out. Fire-Bot has a Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F to detect the candle and get closer to it. To determine that the Fire-Bot has reached the optimum distance to the candle, I've used a TSOP1738 IR receiver. When the Fire-Bot catch the candle the DS1821 detects the temperature and the fan is turned on to blow air. 

sharp and tsop sensors

DS1821 was placed on the fan. The candle's fire is controlled with DS1821 to determine whether the candle has blowed out or not.

The temperature can be observed from the LCD through the process.

Fire-Bot has two DC motors that are controlled with PWM by using the PWM property of PIC16F877A. Sharp sensor was placed on a small servo to search the candle effectively.

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When Fire-Bot starts to work it measures the room's temperature and take it as a reference. To determine that the candle is lightening and unlightening it get closer the candle and measures the temperature with DS1821 which is place on the fan. The purpose here is that not to work the fan always unless it detects a lightening candle. The robot doesn't touch the candle only get closer to measure it's temperature. The fan is also not so powerful, I've use just one  I got.

I could also place the DS1821 some more far from the fan and so the Fire-Bot would get less close to the candle. However, to blow out more than one candles one after the other, DS1821 also needs to cool. Therefore, it's placed on to the fan.

Wow, i am really impressed. Very good idea and very good Job.

Cool! In the first episode on video I thought the robot will catch fire! :D It went so close that fan was almost(?) touching the candle! Fuuuf! God job! :D