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Rocket car v2

Run fast
rocket_car_program.bas231 bytes

This is my second rocket car, designed with Google Sketchup. The image below is additional rendered with Inkscape (also freeware):

All wheels will be ball bearing mounted:

The front fins should increase the surface pressure of the front wheel at higher velocity.

The rocket car will be propelled by four C6-0 model rocket motors, technical data listed below:

Total Impulse: 8.82 newton-seconds

Peak Thrust: 14.09 newtons

Burn Time: 1.86 seconds

Average Thrust: 4.74 newtons

Propellant Mass: 10.8 grams


A FlyCamOne eco V2 will be added, pivotable by a micro servo. The camera weighs only 17g. Start/stop, mode and 180°Rec-Flip can be controlled by a servo signal.

Construction work details...






















































and the finished rocket car:

Due to the bearings the rocket car runs very smoothly. It rolls a few meters on even surface if you give it a love tap.




Small update. Mounted the servo for the camera, the battery, launch wires and luster terminal.




Igniter test with connected control board:

Video to jpg converter are really cool. You can study motion sequences.

It appeared that not all 4 igniters started to burn at the same time. These cheap igniters are not made for simultaneous ignition.




Controller board (Picaxe 08-M) and RC ignition are working now. Camera mounted on the servo.


Rocket car finished and ready to launch. Stay tuned for the video...


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where do you get the engines from?

I bought them from the Chinese Space Agency. In China there is no model rocketry, the rockets are only for educative use.

Dude, I love your rocket-stuff!!

Will this be controllable in any way?

I'm planning to add a camera and remote control the ignition. Additional suggestions welcome :)

Computer aided RC Rudder?

Hm, it's dedicated to run straight. Course correction?

Hm, it's dedicated to run straight. Course correction?

Your first / original Rocket Car did not excactly run straight.. But this one should? Because it's longer?

Yes, I made a few minor changes: Bigger rear fin, no independent suspension for rear wheels, longer body, bigger diameter of the rear wheels, smaller distance between the rear wheels and I will also add a front fin to avoid the car will become airborn.