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Line following sensors questions

I am planning to place 2 line sensors on my robot project(ATmega8). I want to place LDR line sensors. Now i have a few questions.

What is the best distance to placethe sensors from each other? So that I have no bad readings and I still can follow the line 'smooth'.

What is the average breadth of a white line?

What is a good design of this type of sensor(LDR)? I would just place the LDR next to the led, is this okay?

And what is a good algorithme to use with a L293D with no pulse control(each motor is always on 100%)?




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omg why LDR with atmega8... atmega8 is a huge processor... as I see you don't need PID so the code should fit in a tiny2313....

here is a schematic I made: http://noob.hu/2010/08/28/schematic.png

take a note on that on how are the QRD1114 wired.... you don't need ADC for this, it uses digital input so no problem... Why would you use the L293D when you could simply buy two 2N2222 tranzistor to run the motors, L293 or L298 uses 6 pins, 2 pwm and 4 digital to change the direction of the motors. as you as driving only forward, no need for L293...

It has 2 sharps IR sensors on it1 one a sensor and 1 in the front.

The robot can to obstacel avoidance, wall following etc. the line following would be an extra feature.That is why I use a L293



ah... that explains everything... I suggest CNY70 or QRD1114

LDR = bad, they take too long to react, and outside light messes with them.